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I’m Loving the conference we are having a great time its kind of interesting, because I hang out a lot around silicon valley and you hear a lot about culture and DevOps very often, and you come over here and the message is echoed with you guys. I think its been fun to have conversations what the mix between automation and culture and you do things, so there been a lot of great conversations on the first day, and I am looking forward to the next couple of days. Again I think a lot of people are very very excited transforming and changing what they do and what their organisation does. I feel privileged to be down here and trying to help.

John Willis (Speaker)

Director Of Ecosystem Development @ Docker Inc.
This is a great conference. Australia is lucky to have something like this.


Technical Solution Lead ANZ
Had the pleasure in doing DevOps Talks 2019 in Australia. The combination of the right audience and great content was something you just couldn’t miss! Melbourne’s DevOps community, a blended engineers and managers crowd, and the impressive speakers’ line-up made it one of the best conferences I attended this year. Great job Igor and team, thanks for the opportunity.


Co-Founder And CEO @ JFrog
We’ve been sponsoring DevOps Talks for 3 years, we keep coming back because the community grows every year and I have lots of opportunities to talk to new and different people, as well as enterprises and partners.


Sales Director APAC @ CHEF
It’s exciting to be sponsoring DevOps Talks as they have many great people and great organizations in attendance who do really cool things; it’s great to have a conference like this, that covers technical and people oriented topics


DevOps Solutions Architect @ SOFTWARE
DevOps Talks was one of the best conferences I had the honour to attend. The content and the audience spiked a log of thoughts, conversations and ideas. Igor Goulko — the founder — goes above and beyond making sure everyone gets the best experience. As a speaker, I appreciated preliminary meetings with the conference board and fellow speakers; it really makes travel experience and logistics smooth. As an attendee, I loved the variety of presenters and topics. I would recommend DevOps Talks to anyone who wants to learn about what’s new is happening in the DevOps space, and experience the great vibe of Australia and New Zealand DevOps community.


DevOps Talks Conference is really important to Google, as it encapsulates our thinking not only with Kubernetes, but platform and software as a service, as well as our serverless and NoOps tools


Customer Solutions & Innovation APAC @ Google
My company has just started the DevOps journey, I enjoyed the conference and many of the presentations will be valuable to me for my own journey.


Integration Solution Architect @ Woolworths
Thanks for the fantastic DOTC event; I look forward to the slides being downloaded to your site


DevOps Lead @ Ansible
The speakers were of high quality and relevant content. I did’t feel like it was a sales job which a lot of other conferences can be. There were no pushy sales people at the desks either. Really nice food


Director, Platform Automation
I really enjoyed that the information that was given to us was done so on so many different levels; I felt like there were important and valuable takeaways I can bring back into our organization and apply immediately


Digital Technology Platform Leader @ EnergyAustralia
I had heard of the previous one in Melbourne through a colleague and I was actually really excited for this one, so I made sure I was able to put something together that I was able to speak to the engineers in the audience. It’s always good to have a nice technical talk and really get into sort of the meat and potatoes if you will of the technology.


Customer Engineer @ Google Cloud
The best conference that I’ve attended


APAC Solutions Architect @ Chef
It’s important for us to sponsor this event because we came from a world of DevOps; I’d recommend anyone who is either starting their DevOps or digital transformation or wanting to perfect it, to come along, because DevOps is a culture not just a process


Senior Solutions Consultant @ PagerDuty
We really like the DevOps talks conference. One of the main reasons is because you get a good combination of kind of really interesting new technologies and so talking about AI and service, and some of those interesting things that are coming, but also some very practical suggestions on how to go through a DevOps transformation, and how to look after tools, and what are some good suggestions, and how other people have done these kinds of transformations and setups in the past. So we’ve been here last year we’re here again and I’m sure we’ll be here next year! We’ve brought quite a few of the team along so they can kind of experience the same things, it’s really useful to meet people and also afterwards we go away and we talk a lot about what we’ve learned and how we think we can apply it in our workplace. It’s been great and we look forward to coming back.


Tech Area Lead @ ANZ Engineering
I’ve loved cultural side of things and I see I’ve taken away pages will notice which is actually a really good sign of a conference


Head Of Engineering @ THE ICONIC
DevOps talks is a really good place to come and share with a lot of other companies and people who will sort of want to understand a bit more about what it actually means to be DevOpsy and share some of our learnings understandings. Also at the same time, it was good to bring along some of our staff to come along listen to the other talks and have them get a different perspective on what it means to be you know a DevOps type of organization and learn some things that they can bring back to us and help us improve as well. We’re all here so that we can help our businesses live a more value quickly and with less resources Many of us would agree that complexity and fragility of that the mortal enemies of the ilities that we strive to achieve when we are engineering our solutions. So things like maintainability, scalability availability and reliability; they all tend to break down when we have complexity and fragility within our systems adopting a micro service based platform is really going to go a long way to helping you kick start your DevOps journey If you haven’t already begun using DevOps types principles within your organization, a microservices based platform is going to really help you derive some of the benefits that you get from having that those principles within your business.


Engineering Manager @ Message Media
It was great to hear Jon’s keynote presentation and to see the you know the face behind the Phoenix. And meeting other people from different industries or solving problems


Deputy CIO @ Westpac
If you go to conference like these, which is awesome, you hear a lot of cool stories and you know all the stories about seedy CI Magus or whatever, and you could argue they’re just a bunch of bragging nerds together. Sometimes you don’t hear a lot of the real stories — about the nasty bits and the struggles of the teams so that’s what I want to focus on what issues do you have and how can you resolve them.


Engineering Manager @ Atlassian
Security has to be delivered and maintained in ways to support those initiatives the Department of no is over the reason for me to come to DevOps Talks. I think there are very few communities in the world currently who deal with things that affect a lot of people, or can affect a lot of people, whether it’s safety critical or not, and what I find really exciting about a community like yours is its youth, its energy, its commitment to doing things better. What’s really interesting about the conversations with your community is that when you contrast it with some other fields, like aviation or shipping or medicine, there isn’t like a hundred or even thousands of years of tradition of professional morality and professional codes that have developed and coagulated. So we seem to be inventing a lot of stuff on the fly as we go, is this the right thing to do is this not the right thing to do? And it is in that tension, in that discussion that I think lots of interesting conversations can be had which is why I came to DevOps Talks


Professor @ Griffith University
I love hearing of hearing different people’s takes on what the DevOps journey actually means to them and what’s actually important


Engineering Manager @ Envato
The DevOps Talks Conference is a fantastic opportunity for us to actually come and meet the rest of the community here in Sydney that we work with that we interact with every day and to showcase some of the interesting things that we’ve done that might be different or, frankly, might represent learnings that others can resist the same temptation to make the same mistakes.


Service Director @ Healthdirect Australia
If you're looking to attend a conference with great value, insights and speakers, then you will want to attend DevOps Talks - I'll be there again!


DevOps Engineer @ ANZ
Speaking at DOTC was a great opportunity to team up with a diverse crowd of people who all want to share and to help


Co-Founder @ Gwen
Thanks, team! Such a great event


Manager FleetBoard Operations @ Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Ltd
It was a real honour to be asked to speak at the DevOps Talks Conference. Its had a really great range of speakers on very diverse topics and I am really enjoying it. It’s excellent to see a conference of this calibre in Melbourne, I think we really need more of this. It's lovely to see some women in the audience and I hope next year we see a few more, and perhaps a few female speaker


Data Solution Architect @ Microsoft Azure
I think conferences like this is a great opportunity for us as a community in Melbourne, just to get across what is happening, and just have a bit of a focus on DevOps and a lot of the technologies that are coming through. So it’s really exciting to see so many companies getting onboard and coming to learn a bit more about what can happen, and taking time out of their busy schedules to join with the community and see whats going on in the land of DevOps


General Manager @ Vibrato (Gold Sponsor DOTC 2017)
One of the main reasons why I came to this conference was because of the amazing list of speakers. It’s quite rare that we get such a large kind of presentation or conference such as this in Melbourne. So its fantastic that the team here have organised DevOps Talks. Had a really good range of speakers, it was fantastic to hear from Google and how they operate, to hear about serverless architecture, to hear about there are so many definitions of DevOps and I think it impacts just about everybody in a business. It's not just a technology thing, and it's not just a DevOps thing, its everybody. So it's fantastic to have so many great speakers here.


GABRIEL ITURBE @ Online Education Services
It been a great event so far, particularly looking at how we put cultural change into DevOps, cultural change is key because I am looking to apply it to my organisation. One of the other benefits of the conference is to get my hands on a signed copy of ’The DevOps Handbook by John Willis, a signed copy no less! So I am looking forward to the next day and a half, and hoping to take away some excellent tips on applying DevOps.


Senior Manager Operations At RMIT
I thought the conference was excellent, I particularly liked the common theme of DevOps as a culture and immutable production line stories (the Flippa and Docker presses). It was great seeing a lot of familiar faces which is always one of the best things about conferences. Having the full spectrum of everything from security and compliance to big data, the cloud offerings, containers... it was an excellent mix of something for everyone I felt.


Lead DevOps Engineer At Odecee
The DevOps Talks was a sounding event, putting together mind like people willing to enable new ways of working in the industry. Everything was pretty much well done: space, food, speakers, networking sessions, collaboration, etc. That is a great opportunity to share experience reports from Australian companies, inspiring and supporting a whole community of practice. I'm looking forward the 2018 edition.


Head Of Technology @ Elabor8
As a global filter company IRESS is always looking to improve our speed quality and scale a culture of DevOps is one of the initiatives that we are looking at for this last year IRESS sent a few people to DevOps Talks, it was a great way for us to build up our DevOps culture give it a bit of a kickstart and keep us moving. You’ve had a number of great talks this year the one on Bitcoin was really good we had one on «no-ops», which was great. IRESS is always looking to improve the way we work and a DevOps culture is a key part of it.


Architecture Development Manager @ IRESS
It’s been a great opportunity to be here at the DevOps conference in Melbourne. I’m from a business analysis background, and this has given me an opportunity to really look at what’s happening out in industry around DevOps, and the capabilities that have been built amongst other organizations, as well as looking at some new capabilities like SRE, which is something that’s definitely needed within the organization that I work in. What I want to get out of today is one meet a lot of interesting people, get some insights of how the capability is evolving, and has been evolving over the last years, and how we can apply those learnings back into ANZ


Data Technology BA Practice Manager @ ANZ
We decided to bring the whole team — 50 people from Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne here to learn for themselves and get the opportunity to bring new ideas back in into the organization and experiment and get better at what we do. For where we are in the journey of implementing DevOps practices — learning from other companies and what they’ve done, and their experiences are probably most relevant for us. The talks that have been good were the SRE conversation from Google and how they run that site reliability engineering within Google itself to cut the talk from ING Bank and their journey through SRE’s as well and all the talk from message media around how to I call it eating the elephant but you know slowly picking apart a legacy architecture and implement microservices that’s really valuable as well.


General Manager @ ERM Power
We’re really excited to be here today! Hopefully, we meet a few new prospects as well but it’s been a good day — the contents been amazing. Really really glad we are participating.


Vice President Of Asia Pacific @ Sumo Logic
I’ve been really enjoying it actually yeah there’s a lot of focus on paper politics which is often the harder parts


Senior DevOps Engineer @ Ansarada
Sponsoring the 2017 Devops Talks Conference proved to be a doorway from how I thought things could be done leading into a word of limitless possibility presented by today's innovative thought leaders.


Lead Consultant @ CharterMason
Thanks for the opportunity folks, was an honour to present. Also, many thanks to people's kind words hope people got something good out of it


DevOps Manager @ Seek
Thanks again for organizing a great conference!


Test Architect @ IRESS
This conference has been fantastic, I think having this DevOps Talk Conference being run in Melbourne, brings all the really good meet up groups together all in one place, and we get to listen to some really fantastic international speakers. We had a great keynote from John Willis from Docker, so its really good to see that we get some international speakers out here, that can talk about whats happening in the community in the international space, and then we also get to bring those thoughts and feelings from our local perspective here in Melbourne, to the wider community back to those people. I’m hoping that we will run this again next year, and I’m hoping that out of this we will spur on more meetups and spur on more conferences to occur. But yea, we have got a great turn out over 250 people, it's really good to see.


Business Development @ Container Bytes
I am really pleased to be here in the conference today, It’s exciting to be involved from a sponsorship point of view with Charter Maison. It’s actually really encouraging to see people who have come along with so much enthusiasm, people reconnecting with people they know, and tuning in with quite different topics with the speakers. I am personally interested to also see quite a lot more than 6% females here, which is interesting and encouraging in this space. I am looking forward to the rest of the day, and learning a lot more as we go


Partner @ CharterMason (Platinum Sponsor DOTC 2017)
There have been a whole bunch of great speakers at the conference covering technical and non-technical topics. Being a geek, I kind of like the technical topics, and learning about DevOps practices and DevOps tools. There is a very vibrant DevOps community in Melbourne, there are lots of DevOps groups, and this is a great representation of the skillset and the people that want to be involved in IT and in DevOps in Melbourne, and its a great place to be. Lots of people coming here sharing their knowledge, sharing their passion for IT and for DevOps, its a really great conference, I have really enjoyed it


DevOps Lead
I am really enjoying being here at the DevOps Talks Conference, there have been some fantastic talks that I have really enjoyed that are really broad, and lots of information on different subjects so its basically touched on lots of areas that interest me, not just technical. I really appreciate the opportunity to just talk to these leading thinkers within their areas. just communicating with them is wonderful, because I am doing a startup, and just the opportunity to interact with people to give me advice and direction, has been really for filling, and yea, its been great and I am looking forward to many more of them


Founder @ Open Datacentre
Great conference! Topics were great. Awesome to see the passion...


Web Designer
It was a super awesome event with amazing staff and a friendly atmosphere. Met a lot of amazing people who really cared about what they do. Would definitely recomend!


Senior DevOps Engineer @ REA
Everyone’s been very interactive lots of people coming up and asking us questions, but not only that we’ve learnt a lot as well; you always learn from others — there’s always something you can learn no matter who you’re talking to, and it’s great to be able to share our experiences with others so hopefully they take something away that they can use.


Head Of Engineering @ Westpac
My name is Dimitri I’m a Director at Message Media Group and we’re one of the Sponsors of DevOps Talks this year. DevOps Talks has been fantastic. It’s the first one that I’ve spent a fair distant time in amongst the developer community and I think it’s been great for our organization to connect with that community and share insights into what we’re doing in DevOps, but also share insights at our technology stack and compare certain outcomes. We had a lot of great conversations sharing insights into what we’re about and what we’re doing where we’re going, and essentially how we can help the community power great outcomes with the technology stack.


Director Of Strategic Relationships @ MessageMedia
It’s been really interesting for me because we are looking at our own agile transformation, and bringing the old build and running functions together into a DevOps world. While everyone understands various tools, it is not necessarily clear why we use them yet, or which ones would be the best for us and how we actually truly integrate both dev and ops into our world so that we are successful, so I’m really looking forward to hearing from everyone else.


Head Of Technology @ ANZ
We were looking at reshaping our teams in the way we do things, and we came here and we found it quite useful and quite insightful and influential in the way that we went about things over the course of last year. I’m a big supporter and fan of the conference itself, like I said, we came here to learn last year we’re back again in sponsoring this here because we learned to tremendous amount there are some things that you know even this year we’re finding quite insightful particularly things like now the two talks about SRE, was quite insightful and that helps us in our next evolution as we go as we continue our journey down getting DevOps. There’s a lot of insightful things there that are useful to our team and some of the things that we’re tinkering with we find really handy so we’re looking forward to coming back next year and learning some more and contributing some more.


CTO @ Message Media
It’s been an incredible conference DevOps Talks Conferences are always a lot of fun. This conference brings practitioners together and we get to talk about DevOps — what is DevOps, how does Dev Ops evolve, you know, how does it change into the coming years so it’s incredible to see all these practitioners, these people being here with us today. This is a necessary conference to help us think about what it is now and how it will change in the future now. I will absolutely come again if I’m invited to be a speaker, I will come back, and I will always come back as an attendee


Vice President Of Engineering @ A Cloud Guru
DOTC was an awesome conference. You are always hopeful that you can walk away a conference learning something new, DOTC didn't disappoint...


DevOps Manager @ MYOB
I enjoyed participating in the conference. Had fun, met some interesting folks, learned some 'stuff'.


CTO @ Flippa
Thanks for organising a great conference. I really enjoyed it.


Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Elabor8
Its really great to be able to engage with the DevOps community, and really hear first hand what DevOps is. What it's all about. There is a lot of demystifying that needs to go on, and I have come up here to really find out. I think the keynote speakers have been really fantastic, and a real breadth of speakers in terms of technology, people, culture. Which really gives us a diversified view of what DevOps is. So I’m really pleased to have come DOTC 2017 in Melbourne


Principal Consultant @ DXD Technology
It been a fantastic conference, I have really enjoyed the people, the passion, the talks, the food, everything has been really interesting. I am definitely coming back next year, so I will be back with you. I just want to point out that there has been the number of talks that have just been fantastic. So John Willis his keynote, his opening talk, talk about was


VP Of Engineering @ A Cloud Guru
I have been really happy to be part of this conference, I was wrapped that I got an invitation from Igor to be part of this conference, its an absolutely marvellous range of speakers.What I particularly like about it, its a lot of subjects that have been touched and a lot of aspects of DevOps have been touched, of cultural, technical and strategy wise. Hopefully, see I’ll be part of this conference next year and years to come, and I would really like to see this conference grow. And its probably going to split up into different streams which to me sounds like a logical progression of this conference. Yea, I am absolutely mind blown at the calibre of presenters, and of the calibre of the presentation, I am really happy that this conference runs here in Melbourne.


DevOps Manager @ Telstra Health
My name Ariel Moskovich and I’m very pleased to be here in the lovely conference, organised very very nicely. Interesting topics, with speakers organised from around the world from Google, from Docker, and from Microsoft, who really enlightens and gives a lot of interesting use-cases. I have to say I have been a lot of conferences, this is one of the best-organised conferences that I have ever been with, and I have really enjoyed my time here in Melbourne, its a beautiful town and I really hope it's going to be the next Silicon Valley, I have a good feeling that this is going to be the case. I want to thank the organisers for inviting me to be here, it was really a great time, and I really can’t wait to be here again next year


DevOps Team Lead @ AppsFlyer
Had a great two days with the Odecee, A Cognizant Digital Business team down at DevOps Talks.. so many interesting presentations.. Google, Seek and REA were my personal favourites! Thanks Igor Goulko and your team for arranging such an awesome conference :)


Talent Acquisition Consultant @ Odecee