DevOps Conference SYDNEY 2019 | DevOps Talks

DEVOPS TALKS CONFERENCE 2019, 10 & 11th of September

John Willis


Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Principal Software Development

Nathen Harvey

Developer Advocate

Annie Lin

Application Platform Architect

Anthony Rees

APAC Solutions Architect

Mark Angrish

Tech Area Lead

Carmel Hinks

Software Engineer

Brandon Grenier

Senior Cloud Architect

Yuri Belenky

Head of technology for Application

Peter Hall

Principal Engineer

Chris Harwood

Executive Director

Andrew Hatch

Head of Platform Engineering

Grant Simonds

UX and Software Dev manager

Justin Gould

Head of Product Engineering Practice

Michael Cracroft

Chief Security and Technology Officer

Oshri Zvi

Senior Engineering Manager

Egor Cole

Principal Consultant

Chris Kim

Field Engineer