DevOps Conference Agenda MELBOURNE 2022 | DevOps Talks


Reception and Opening

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Angela Donohoe CEO BPay

Angela Donohoe - CEO at BPay

«Helping Business Leaders Understand the Value of DevOps in a Fast World»

While interest and adoption of devops practices continues to grow, many business leaders and boards don’t understand the value and impacts for their organisations. Five years ago, BPAY Group made a commitment to transform its business and culture. A key dimension was to gain support for the adoption of Agile development and devops practices, and this direction has been a great success story for our company. I will share BPAY’s experiences and our future plans for ongoing success.

Anthony Rees APAC Solutions Architect Lacework

Anthony Rees - APAC Solutions Architect at Lacework

«Sort Your Shift (Left) Out»

Navigating through the challenging nuances of the DevSecOps world can lead to confused teams, from “being agile, shifting left, delivering continuously, shifting right”, all while the backlog of features continue to grow and get lost in the dark.

The good news is, there is a path to the light. In this session we will learn from the best in the industry, and uncover their practices in deploying on-demand, restoring services in minutes and lowering their change failure rate. We will examine the techniques and technologies these organisations are using to achieve this securely and efficiently while maintaining speed and time to market.

Koray Harman DevOps Specialist Splunk

Koray Harman - DevOps Specialist at Splunk

«Monitoring to Observability - Empowering DevOps & Digital Business»

As applications evolve and the criticality of user experience and digital performance grows, so too does our need for deeper and more timely data.
In this session we’ll discuss how we’ve moved from Monitoring to Observability, how Observability fits into the DevOps loop and why it’s critical to support any organisation aspiring to become a thriving digital business. We’ll also touch on some key topics such as OpenTelemetry, User-Experience, the key pillars of Observability and unlocking business insights.


Danica Fine Senior Developer Advocate Confluent

Danica Fine - Senior Developer Advocate at Confluent

«Avoid the Headache of Data Streaming HA/DR in the Cloud with Confluent»

If your company relies on Kafka, having a solid high-availability, disaster recovery (HA/DR) strategy is crucial to keeping your data in motion. Due in large part to the overhead that comes with tackling this at application deployment time, these strategies have historically been set up behind the scenes at a platform level.
Simplify your HA/DR strategy and define it programmatically at the application level by leveraging Kafka through Confluent Cloud as your central nervous system. With a scriptable API, provision Kafka Clusters programmatically and set up Confluent Cluster Linking to customize HA/DR requirements per application at onboarding time.

This session will set you up for success with a solid HA/DR strategy to achieve your goals without the devops headache.

Paul Yang Senior Solution Architect CloudBees

Paul Yang

Senior Solution Architect

«Loved by Developers, Trusted by Enterprises: How to Manage Jenkins at Scale»

Some reports estimate that over 70% of all continuous integration pipelines run on Jenkins. It’s great at helping small teams integrate code multiple times a day. However, as projects and market pressures increase, it’s easy for some of the maintenance that comes with building and using Jenkins pipelines to grow burdensome. We will show you how to extend your existing investment into an enterprise-grade Jenkins environment that makes software development repeatable, auditable and scalable with the industry’s leading DevOps technology platform.

Simon Dong Enterprise Account Executive CloudBees

Simon Dong

Enterprise Account Executive

Andrew Coulter Head of Engineering �C Investment Management Iress

Andrew Coulter

Head of Engineering �C Investment Management

«Decomposing the zombie monolith»

When a zombie monolith can’t be moved, what can be done? The story of how Iress is creating a decoupled architecture through independently built & deployed components to strangle the legacy systems, taking the opportunity to improve observability, test and deployment automation and enabling the teams to embrace a more mature DevOps culture. A Case study that crosses continents, teams and technology boundaries, from the old to the new.

Patrick Herrera Platform Principal Iress

Patrick Herrera

Platform Principal

Steve Ng Developer Relations Lead New Relic

Steve Ng - Developer Relations Lead at New Relic

«Observa-what? Leave me alone, I don’t care about Reliability»

Our recent Observability Forecast report revealed that 90% of engineers viewed observability as “mission-critical” to delivering a positive business impact, yet only 26% said they had anything resembling a mature observability practice.
A key step in building that practice is getting buy-in from the developers. However, there is a strong perception that developers don’t care about uptime and reliability. This talk will discuss how to include Developers at the core of the observability conversation.


Michael Progrebisky Technical Manager Checkmarx

Michael Progrebisky - Technical Manager at Checkmarx

«Why DevOps needs Software Supply Chain Assurance»

Open-source libraries have become an essential part of almost all modern applications. Without open-source, software development would be stuck in the slow lane. Not “reinventing the wheel” each time you need certain functionality in an app saves time and effort, and as a result, open-source isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything, it’s becoming more and more widespread. But there’s a certain amount of risk that comes with using open source components, modules, and libraries. Today, it’s increasingly important to protect yourself from these risks.

In this presentation, we will discuss the importance and prevalence of open-source software as well as the ways you can protect yourself from its attendant risks and licensing issues. The goal is to catch issues early before they can become fatal.

Shriram Krishnan Vice President Australia & NZ Accelq

Shriram Krishnan - Vice President Australia & NZ at Accelq

«There is no Continuous Delivery without Continuous Testing of User Journeys»

It is the age of customer-obsession. Every User journey now traverses a complex landscape of highly integrated Omni-Channel services; all of which are undergoing changes simultaneously. Thanks Agile and DevOps!
On the flip side, even small failures in customer experience are no longer tolerated, making the assurance of flawless user journeys one of the most important challenges to be solved in delivering Continuous value faster and smarter. In this talk we will look at the challenges in achieving Continuous Testing of User journeys and a practical guide to setting up a successful Enterprise-wide end-to-end Test Automation practice.

Ronald Michael Application Security Specialist & DevSecOps Advocate Synopsys

Ronald Michael - Application Security Specialist & DevSecOps Advocate at Synopsys

«What is Application Security Orchestration and Correlation»

On average, an organization uses at least 11 different AppSec tools throughout its SDLC. If you’re overwhelmed by findings or feel like you’re getting lost in the data, an application security orchestration and correlation (ASOC) tool is for you. ASOC tools empower you to speed up the AppSec process without sacrificing quality.
In this presentation, we will provide the essential background on this emerging technology and how it can benefit you. Topics covered include
– What ASOC is and isn’t
– How ASOC improves efficiency across the SDLC
– Why this is worth the investment

Nitin Sharma Engineering Manager, Platform Engineering Australia Post

Nitin Sharma - Engineering Manager, Platform Engineering at Australia Post

«Our journey at Australia Post – Part 1»

The talk will cover their organisational structure, technology use and methodologies and practices that work in their environment.
He will share his views on their present landscape, lessons they have learnt from the past and where they look forward to in the future.

Clossing remarks

Entertainment, Networking, Discussions Cocktail Party (oysters, canapes, beverage)

Reception and Opening

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Evgueni Iakhontov Head of Digital IT Origin

Evgueni Iakhontov - Head of Digital IT at Origin

«DevOps: Day 730»

DevOps — «you build it, you run it» but what if you didn’t build it but still need to run it? That’s the reality facing a lot of enterprises and teams today. Evgueni, the Head of Digital IT at Origin Energy, one of the largest Australian energy retailers, will share his team experiences in growing from only a handful of developers to over 100 in 12 months and about the challenges that many teams face such as team alignment, autonomy, technical ownership, scaling teams and apps, success and the economic pressures that shape the devops culture.

Diana Omuoyo Solutions Architect [APAC] AppDynamics

Diana Omuoyo - Solutions Architect [APAC] at AppDynamics

«I am a DevOps Engineer, I Do Not Fix Printers!»

When DevOps first made its way into our organizations, It was believed to be a Dev & Ops initiative. Over time it’s becoming evident that for a successful adoption of this methodology, various stakeholders have to be present and to participate in the design and execution of the practices across the teams. This has seen DevOps extend to other areas, giving life to DevSecOps, BizDevOps | DevOps 2.0, DevTestOps and even Dev-P-Ops,
In this session, Diana will discuss how to effectively extend this multidimensional BizDevOps approach across the enterprise.

Pas Apicella Principal Solutions Engineer Snyk

Pas Apicella - Principal Solutions Engineer at Snyk

«Automating container runtime security scanning with Snyk»

So you’re running microservices in containers? Congratulations! This is an important step towards meeting those business needs around delivering applications to the hands of your customers as soon as possible. But how can we mitigate any potential risks associated with faster software deployment while running on Kubernetes? Simple, with Snyk’s Kubernetes integration we can identify vulnerabilities in their associated images and configurations that might make those workloads less secure. Join us to find out how!


Jeremy Meiss Director of DevRel & Community Circleci

Jeremy Meiss - Director of DevRel & Community at Circleci

«What a global pandemic can tell you about better DevOps principles»

In early 2020 a global pandemic set in motion events which none of us could predict. With anonymous data collected from 900k+ devs, 25K orgs, and 30m+ builds/mo we found some interesting insights into better DevOps practices. Since then, we’ve seen even more interesting activities happen, which shed new light on high-performing engineering teams. In this session, we will seek to uncover what this unique dataset can tell us about high-performing engineering teams, and what trends stand out through the aggregated platform usage.

Michael McAllister Site Reliability Engineer Tech Lead Teleport

Michael McAllister - Site Reliability Engineer Tech Lead at Teleport

«eBPF as a Linux Troubleshooting tool»

eBPF is an in-kernel virtual machine that allows system administrators and developers to run sandboxed programs in the system kernel. Originally targeting the network data path (think filtering for packets in tcpdump), it has since been extended into a framework for safely and efficiently extending the capabilities of the kernel without requiring changes in the Kernel source code or loading kernel modules.
This talk focuses on and explores how this can be used for troubleshooting and root causing software running on Linux.

Peter Lees Head of Solutions and Innovation, Asia-Pacific Suse

Peter Lees - Head of Solutions and Innovation, Asia-Pacific at Suse

«The Edge “Lots and lots of little (and not-so-little) things (managing scale & hyperscale on the edge (or all of the edges)”.»

“The Edge” is both the new frontier and a concept that has been around for ages. However you look at it, it’s clear that the number, capacity & relevance of edge devices and systems is growing exponentially. With the increasing use of containerisation to dynamically push applications to these devices, how can we manage, maintain & secure both workloads & environments at the necessary scale? This session takes a look at examples of edge deployments to see what’s possible and looks at some of the tools & techniques that have been used to address our latest scalability challenge.


Prateek Nayak Chief Technology Officer Innablr

Prateek Nayak - Chief Technology Officer at Innablr

«How we helped an organisation transform to become a DORA elite perform»

DORA’s State of Devops research program represents 8 years of research and data from organisations across the globe. It directly correlates the success of modern businesses to their Software Delivery Performance (SDP).
In this talk, we will cover some of the key aspects of CI / CD process which can be adopted by organisation of any scale to improve on 4 key metrics outlined by DORA research.


Bharath Raj Distinguished Engineer NAB

Bharath Raj - Distinguished Engineer at NAB

«Confessions of a DevOpaholic»

As one of the leading adopters of cloud in Australia, NAB’s engineering teams have been on a DevOps & SRE journey that has extended across thousands of applications and environments. So has it all gone perfectly? Hear from one of NAB’s Distinguished Engineers, Bharath Raj, as he talks through the key learnings from a team obsessed with efficiency and reliability.

Nick Merrett Cloud Engineer, Client Engineering IBM

Nick Merrett - Cloud Engineer, Client Engineering at IBM

«Multi-Cloud GitOps with OpenShift»

Multi Cloud and Hybrid cloud is becoming increasingly popular as a way for companies to spread cloud risks, take advantage of spot pricing from a wider range of vendors. Using cloud services provided by the cloud providers also can create lock in. The IBM Client Engineering team have recently a developed a gitops pattern to deploy OpenShift clusters and applications with governance, monitoring and cross cloud communication.
This session with walk through the solution and how we went about it.

Lachlan White General Manager of Technology Lab3

Lachlan White - General Manager of Technology at Lab3

«Scaling Terraform – A Loose Guide»

Terraform over the last few years has seen unprecedented growth in adoption, becoming the go-to IaC tool of choice, with wide-ranging capability across 1700 platforms.
Usually driven by a single engineer or developer to start with, what patterns can we embed from day one, to enable repeatability, consistency collaboration and maximise the value of using Terraform to configure, deploy and manage infrastructure as code.

Covering topics such as variables, versioning, modules and directory structure this guide will help to enable scale, on your journey to IaC perfection, instead of cleaning up as you go!

Clossing remarks

Entertainment, Networking, Discussions Beer, Fingerfood

23 March 2022 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Embracing DevSecOps Workshop

It is no secret that moving fast is a requirement in the DevOps world, but trying to keep pace while retaining efficiency and security integrity proves challenging in the industry. Join this hands-on workshop to gain best practices on protecting your organisation from technical debt and exposure to risk through collaborative exercises. This workshop is designed for technical leaders and their team members to uncover best practices to gain control on continuously improving DevSecOps practices and culture within their organisation.

23 March 2022 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

End-to-End Observability

Get insights into your applications and infrastructure in real-time with the help of the monitoring, analytics and response tools of the Splunk Observability Cloud.

This Hands On Workshop will take you through the best-in-class observability platform for ingesting, monitoring, visualizing and analyzing metrics, traces and spans. During this technical Splunk Observability Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and APM Workshop you will build out an environment based on a lightweight Kubernetes cluster.

The workshop also introduces you to dashboards, editing and creating charts, creating detectors to fire alerts, Monitoring as Code and the Service Bureau

By the end of these technical workshops you will have a good understanding of some of the key features and capabilities of the Splunk Observability Cloud.

22 March 2022 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Writing the Business Case for Technology Investment

How do you calculate the value DevOps brings to your company? Can you easily justify the need for additional Technology / People investment? What impact does a stretched DevOps team have on your Business? What Value is your Business missing out on?


  • IT Environments are getting far more complex.
  • Businesses struggle to create a justification or show ROI for technology Investment
  • Businesses cannot easily see the Value of DevOps


  • Understand the top 3 Business Case Pitfalls
  • Know how to approach a Business Case in a structured manner
  • Be able to priortise Investments (Biggest bang for your buck)
  • Get Hands on and learn how to create a CFO ready Business Case
  • Learn how to calculate and show the Value of DevOps
  • Walk away with a ready to go DevOps business case
  • Have access to Business Case Templates / Use Cases / Value Levers