DevOps Conference NZ 2019 | DevOps Talks

DEVOPS TALKS CONFERENCE 2019, 26 & 27th of March

Jennifer Petoff

Senior Program Manager

John Willis


Dave Corlett

Head of Engineering

Richard Jarrett

Deputy CIO

Lindsay Holmwood

Engineering Manager

Matty Stratton

DevOps Evangelist

Amy Boyle

Lead Software Engineer

Anthony Rees

APAC Solutions Architect

Ken Thompson

Technical Evangelist

George Putnam

Chief of Product and Platform

Amir Mohtasebi

Head of Engineering

Andrew Nimick

GM of Digital Development

Ricardo Ferreira

Developer Advocate

Daniel Sauble

Product Owner

Craig Box

Cloud Native Advocacy Lead

Mike Owen

Domain Chapter Lead of Future Practice & Technology

Ankit Gupta

Chapter Lead and Product Owner of DevOps Tooling Team